A Strategic Business Leader, CTO, Digital & Business Transformation Specialist, Investor & Non-Executive Director.


Backed by two decades of comprehensive experience in a career spanning multiple corporations Punit is an entrepreneurial-spirited business leader, Investor, Digital transformation expert working at the intersection of business strategy development, digital infrastructure transformation, mergers & acquisitions, and executive leadership.

My StoryEmbarked on an incredible journey from the vibrant streets of Gujarat, India, to the dynamic cityscape of London, UK, at a tender age of 11. London became the backdrop for a life filled with love, as I crossed paths with the extraordinary Deepa, who would later become my soulmate. Our love story blossomed into a beautiful marriage 11 years ago, and we are blessed with an amazing son who lights up our lives.

Fuelling my passion for technology, I immersed myself in the world of programming, honing my skills and expanding my knowledge. The allure of IT networks and security beckoned, propelling me towards a fascinating career path. Over the span of two decades, I thrived in the ever-evolving technology sector, where I delved into the intricacies of Mergers and Acquisitions. As a strategic mind, I dedicated myself to enhancing tech infrastructure, masterminding seamless mergers, and spearheading post-merger improvements.

My journey, from a young dreamer in a foreign land to an aspiring leader in the tech sector, has been a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and embracing new horizons. The vibrant tapestry of my experiences has shaped me into a multifaceted professional, poised to make a lasting impact on the world of business and technology.

As I embark on this next chapter, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. The prospect of collaborating with esteemed professionals, driving innovation, and leaving an indelible mark on the industry fills me with an undeniable sense of purpose. The story continues to unfold, and I am ready to make an even greater impact as I embark on an exhilarating journey.

Stay tuned as the chapters unfold, revealing the triumphs, challenges, and profound insights that lie ahead on this extraordinary path in the realm of business and technology.

Detailed Professional BioA seasoned, versatile & visionary Business Leader with 20+ years of expertise leading digital transformations, technical operations, & providing strategic direction. Skilled in wearing many hats from Non-Executive Director – to enable seamless business operations.

Able to draw from a wealth of technical & executive-level leadership skills to support the business & digital transformation efforts of SMEs and giant global companies, such as Dyson, Virgin Media O2, Rolls Royce, Bank of New York Mellon, AVEVA, CISCO, NHS, Transport for London, Weetabix to name but a few.

Trusted partner & strategic thought leader to Board/Executive Leadership teams, leveraging subject matter expertise & hands-on experience driving enterprise-level transformations, expanding technical capabilities, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Beyond a strong technical background lies an entrepreneurial-spirited Business Leader, Investor, Digital transformation, Operations & Business Development Specialist; skilled in operating at the intersection of business strategy development, digital infrastructure transformation, M&A and exit strategies, and Executive Leadership/Board positions.

Demonstrable knowledge & exposure across multiple business sectors, including but not limited to Publishing, Banking & Finance, ISPs, Retail, Transportation, Automotive, and Logistics.

Currently serving as Founding CTO at CAPIXEN; an ethical leader in supporting individuals and SME businesses with their business growth & various exit strategies, delivering enterprise-level transformations, and solving a range of complex business problems.

Viscerally passionate about cultivating strong relationships and creating a tangible, positive impact in the world; brings an unwavering commitment to providing best-in-class technical solutions, and championing continuous improvement across people, processes, tools, cost savings, and automation.

Global Impact & Sustainability BioI'm Punit AKA P-Unit :) a passionate Trustee, Global Impact Ambassador, and Change Maker at London's Community Kitchen. It's an honour to share my journey with you, as I strive to make a positive impact on a global scale through sustainable initiatives.

My deep-rooted commitment to sustainability led me to immerse myself in the world of sustainable food, sustainable farming, and beyond. At London's Community Kitchen, I've been fortunate to be involved with transformative farming techniques that prioritise organic practices, regenerative agriculture, and the preservation of biodiversity. By embracing these principles, we not only revitalized local food systems but also fostered a stronger connection to nature and promoted healthier, more sustainable ways of growing and consuming food.

One of my passions lies in tackling the urgent issue of surplus food management. I've dedicated myself to finding innovative solutions that redirect surplus food from supermarkets, restaurants, and wholesalers to those in need. Collaborating with local charities and community organizations, we have made significant strides in reducing food waste and combating hunger. Witnessing the transformative power of food as a catalyst for change has been incredibly inspiring, and I am committed to expanding these initiatives to ensure a more equitable distribution of resources.

Through the Covent Garden Supper Club, I've merged my love for culinary arts with my sustainability ethos. This unique initiative celebrates sustainable cuisines and provides an immersive dining experience that challenges traditional norms. By creating thought-provoking menus and hosting exclusive events, we are reshaping the narrative around food, inspiring individuals to embrace sustainable choices, and raising funds for charitable causes. It's truly gratifying to witness the convergence of gastronomy and sustainability, as we create a positive impact one meal at a time.

Leading the Sustainable Futures Group at the Conduit provides a platform to collaborate with influential change-makers from various fields. Together, we tackle pressing global challenges, drive policy reforms, and develop innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. By leveraging our collective expertise, we aim to shape a world where sustainability is at the forefront of decision-making, and where positive change becomes the norm.

As a Global Impact Ambassador and Change Maker, I am humbled to have the opportunity to make a lasting difference. London's Community Kitchen has become my canvas for creativity and action, allowing me to blend my passion for sustainable food practices with my desire to drive meaningful change. Through my work, I aim to inspire individuals, organisations, and governments to embrace sustainable living and create a brighter future for all.

The path to a sustainable world is not without its challenges, but I am fuelled by a relentless determination to overcome them. Together, we can reshape our food systems, mitigate environmental degradation, and foster thriving communities. I invite you to join me on this transformative journey as we create a legacy of sustainability that generations to come will be proud of.

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